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Churches Together, Folkestone

Churches Together, Folkestone (CTF) is a collection of churches in Folkestone and the surrounding area.

We exist to support one another as we seek to bless our communities and walk out the call to be God's hands and feet in our town.

This website is a 'work in progress' and we welcome your comments and suggestions for how it can develop to assist and support the incredible work of its member churches.

There is much that we hope to add over time to ensure a fuller picture of the ministries and initiatives of the churches in our town.


Please bear with us as we work to present a more complete picture of Christian ministries in Folkestone!

Find a local church

CTF is made up of churches from all around the town, so wherever you live, there's a church that would love to welcome you,

Related Organisations

CTF is linked to a number of local organisations, charities and initiatives. Find out about them here.

Events &

Key Dates

CTF has a full calendar of events and activities  throughout the year.  Keep an eye on this page to stay up to date with everything that's going on.

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