Virtual Services

On-line Services:

Churches responding to restrictions on gathering due to Coronavirus. 

During the Coronavirus health crisis, Churches are not able to hold their usual Sunday services or mid-week activities.

But knowing that the church is more than a building, many are developing on-line or 'virtual' services instead to provide opportunities for worship, encouragement and prayer.

Some churches have also been able to develop fun resources for kids.

We have compiled a list of the very different types of service and activities available. 

Many of these can be accessed through live Facebook events, or on the church's website or YouTube channel.

The list below is the information available on Friday 26th March.

As and when we hear of any changes to this, or of additional services, we will post it here.

If there is a particular church that you are connected with, you may want to 'like' their Facebook page as that will be a good way to keep up to date with any changes or developments.

God Bless

Please scroll down the list for nearly 20 different church services. 

Please cut & paste the links to reach the Facebook pages or websites.


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